IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOS: Aren't you fed up?

Album info:

This album was created in 1997 and  released in 2000 by Homo Ecumenicus Publishing


All songs in this album are written (music and lyrics), arranged, and performed by IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOS


(N. Ioannidis  is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer with formal qualifications in Music, Musicology, Media Studies, and Digital Media Studies)


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IOANNIDIS Nikolaos-Music album: Aren't you fed up? 




Aren’t you fed up?



Genre: Blend of jazz, rock and Greek folk
electric guitar (variations of solo electric guitar performances ranging from metallic to imitating bagpipes), vocals, bass, drums (jazz-rock), Greek folk percussion
Greek folk rhythm 7/8
Lyrical subject:
a call for rebellion against an inadequate political system.


Looking for something to believe in



Genre: Sui generis.
Arrangement: 12string guitar, that in some parts of the song imitates the sound of Greek folk instruments, such as bouzouki, lute etc, violin, cello, Greek folk percussion (daouli and tuberleki)
Rhythm: Greek folk rhythm
Lyrical subject: the search for new ideals in a decaying world


Wish I could change it all



Genre: Rock ballad
Arrangement: Electric guitar,
Lyrical subject: the quest for serenity in "this age of anxiety"


Those with a brain



Genre: rock
electric guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, vocals
Lyrical subject:
 “ much more down can we get? How much more ugliness can take? ...”





Genre: Sui generis. Elements of religious Byzantine music and classical music.
Arrangement: vocals, violin, keyboard
Lyrical subject: contemplation on the eternal forces behind human misery: ignorance, passiveness, and fatalism.


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