Ioannidis Nikolaos

N. Ioannidis  is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer (with formal qualifications in Music, Musicology, Media Studies, and Digital Media Studies) who is researching ancient Greek music and its relationship with all musical cultures, that have been subject to classical Greek cultural influence. 

Ioannidis Nikolaos-Music CD: Music and Religion

Genre: Religious music (extant ancient Greek religious songs, Byzantine chant, Gregorian chant, Quranic Suras)

Arrangements: vocals, ancient Greek instruments (ancient kithara, aulos, ethnic percussion), keyboard, violin.


Arrangement: IOANNIDIS
Performance -vocal and instrumental: IOANNIDIS 
Research and translation of ancient Greek texts: IOANNIDIS

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 1. Ie paean 
Original music Ioannidis Nikolaos 2003 - Language: Greek 
 2. Orphic Hymn to Nature 
Original music Ioannidis Nikolaos 2003 - Language: Greek- mp3 (sample)
 3. Hymn to Nemesis 
Extant ancient Greek - Mesomedes (1st c. AD) - Language: Greek- mp3 (sample)
 4. Invocation of Calliope and Apollo 
Extant ancient Greek - Mesomedes (1st c. AD) - Language: Greek mp3 (sample)
 5. First Delphic Hymn to Apollo 
Extant ancient Greek - Athenaeus (127 BC) - Language: Greek mp3 (sample)
 6. Hymn to the Holy Trinity
Extant early Christian hymn (Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 1786) -Anonymous c. 2nd-3rd c. A.D - Language: Greek mp3 (sample)
 7. Doxastikon 
Byzantine chant - Language: Greek 
 8. Crown of thorns 
Byzantine chant - Language: Greek -  mp3 (sample)
 9. Nos autem gloriari 
Gregorian chant -Language:  Latin - mp3 (sample)
10. All generations 
Byzantine chant - Language: Greek mp3 (sample)
11. Surah Fatiha (The opening) 
Quranic chant - Language: Arabic -  mp3 (sample)
12. Kyrie eleison 
Gregorian chant -Language: Greek 
13. Gloria in excelsis deo 
Gregorian chant - Language: Latin  mp3 (sample)
14. Kyrie eleison 
Byzantine chant - Language: Greek 
15. Oh Pure Virgin! 
Byzantine chant -Language: Greek  - lyrics and mp3
16. Alleluia 
Gregorian chant 
17. To our defender general 
Byzantine chant 6th cent. A.D - Language: Greek mp3 (sample)
18. Surah Baqarah 
Quranic chant - Language: Arabic mp3 (sample)
19. Ever (or The atheist's hymn) mp3 (sample)
Original music and lyrics- Ioannidis Nikolaos 1997- Language: English 

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Musical Works, ESSAYS on music and media, LYRICS (1) LYRICS (2),  ANCIENT  GREEK TEXTS  translated into  English  by N. Ioannidis,  ANCIENT GREEK INSTRUMENTS reconstructed by N. Ioannidis and used in the ancient Greek recordings

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