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Ioannidis Nikolaos,  BE A MASTER OF YOUR FATE!

Ioannidis Nikolaos,  AREN'T YOU FED UP?  

     With his two first albums, this young intellectual, composer, lyricist and virtuoso guitar player managed to create something utterly unique by melding together a spirit of revolt with mature thinking. These works reveal a relentlessly inventive compositional genius,  whose work is a rich source of innovative rhythms and original musical ideas. Not a single cliche, not a single word repeated even once. His songs encompass numerous genres, from '60s and '70s rock classicism to European classical music and to Greek, Middle Eastern, and Balkan folk. He ingeniously creates a genuine personal style, combining metal guitar riffs with guitar sounds that suggest Greek folk instruments such as bouzouki, zourna, lute; a style that can appeal to everyone, but especially to the musically literates who can’t find even some semblance of songcraft in current  music, loaded with synthetic instruments and dominated by monotonous beats and idiotic lyrics.

The tracks spotlight a diversity of styles and range, creating a unique collection of sounds & rhythms. All tracks are complex, layered, and instantly hummable (including two instrumentals). Vocal melodies are memorable almost immediately. They range from the wild Aren,t you fed up? to the serene beauty and reflection of the hymn-like "Ever"

Ever Is a work of beauty and unbelievable creativity. It is a vocal based composition with rich synthesizer lines in the background. What is impressive in this song is the amazing use of byzantine monody. The melody, the arrangement, and Ioannidis's voice are such an astonishing combination that it is like a "sonic painting". Captivating music, combining ping-ponging rhythms, classical violin and ethereal voices that sound like messages from heaven.

Aren’t you fed up? Is probably the most interesting song in the album, the most musically complex, and sonically strong, with an unusual arrangement, demonstrating an immense creative potential. It combines wild Balkan rhythms with jazz and rock, and incorporates a few new musical techniques. There is an electric guitar onslaught that runs from metallic to anything else conceivable, even producing the sound of other instruments like, for example, a kind of windpipe.

The lyrics are full of revolutionary messages stressing the power of the individual to bring about change.

Looking for something to believe in In this song the passion of the East meets the sophistication of the West . An ancient Greek rhythm and a graceful acoustic guitar that in some parts of the song imitates the sound of Greek folk instruments, such as bouzouki, lute etc. Ioannidis's guitar work is extraordinary.Profound lyrics as in every song.

Be a master of your fate! Classical sounding political force - that's what this song is. He moves gracefully from acoustic balladry to rock-pop and classical to express political ideals and his spirit of revolt.

Those with a brain Genuine rock feeling, insightful, clever lyrics and musical inventiveness.An amazing  mix of angelic vocals and rock voicings, sweet sounding melodies and distorted guitar, mature thinking and  youthful energy. Calling the thinking people to come forth and play their role in giving direction to this decaying society that has reached its lowest point.

So you’ ve been told A fusion of jazz, rock, and classical beautifully composed and smartly executed. Stresses the role of old ideologies and value systems in environmental destruction.

The visionary Classical arrangement and classical sound despite the fact that this is an electric guitar based composition where the guitar runs melodically throughout the whole song.

A fading world Solo instrumental performance, an exhibition of his abilities as an acoustic guitarist and of his classical education . The 12-string seems to be one of his favourite instruments (he uses it in most tracks) and here we hear it alone. Although it seems to be written for piano, the use of the acoustic guitar gives it a striking effect. Sweet, sad and nostalgic for a rapidly changing world.

My life a race A melody so sweet and sad that goes right into your heart. Arrangement simple (guitar and cello) but powerful.

Pain summons up a feeling of coldness and beauty. Classical sounding electric guitar, distorted but sweet and melodic. It touches all senses.

Sleep! A sweet and soothing lullaby. Classical guitar and a soft voice combined with violins in the background.

Wish I could change it all Rock ballad, sweet and soothing. Soft voice providing emotional details.

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