Ioannidis Nikolaos-Music Album: Be a master of your fate!

IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOS: Be a master of your fate!

Ioannidis-Music album: Be a master of your fate!

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Genre: Blend of various genres (Classical, Rock, Pop, Ethnic)

Arrangements: based on all kinds of guitar (classical, electric, 12-string) and vocals

Lyrical subjects: the inadequacy of the present political system of governance, the moral and cultural decadence of modern society, the role of dominant value systems in environmental destruction, etc.


This album was created in 1997 and released in 2000 by Homo Ecumenicus Publishing

All songs in this album are written (music and lyrics), arranged, and performed by IOANNIDIS

IOANNIDIS homepageN. Ioannidis  is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer



A fading world (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: classical, 12-string guitar instrumental
12-string guitar

Ever (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Sui generis. Elements of religious Byzantine music and classical.
Arrangement: vocals, violin, keyboard
Lyrical subject: contemplation on the eternal forces behind human misery: ignorance,
passivity, and fatalism.

Looking for something to believe in (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Sui generis.
Arrangement: 12string guitar, (which in some parts of the song imitates the sound of Greek folk
instruments, such as bouzouki, lute etc), violin, cello, Greek folk percussion (daouli and
Rhythm: Greek folk rhythm
Lyrical subject: the search for new ideals in a decaying world.

Be a master of your fate! (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: classical
12-string guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drums, bass, keyboard.
Lyrical subject:
the pursuit of social and political change, not by means of mass struggle but
by a change in the mentality and attitudes of individuals.

The visionary (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Classical
electric guitar, violin, cello, vocals, keyboard
Lyrical subject:
the promotion of the global ideal by visionaries.

So you’ve been told (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: A fusion of jazz, rock, and classical
Arrangement: Classical guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Lyrical subject: The role of religions, ideologies and value systems in environmental

My life a race (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: classical ballad
Arrangement: electric guitar, cello, vocals
Lyrical subject: the escape from the neurosis of modern life and the pursuit of happiness in
simple life

Pain (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Classical, electric guitar instrumental
Arrangement: electric guitar

Sleep! (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Classical
Arrangement: Classical guitar, violin, vocals
Lyrical subject: A lullaby for adults



Other musical works by IOANNIDIS



CD ALBUM: The Music of Ancient Greeks - Early Epic and Lyrical Poetry  An approach to the original singing of ancient Greek epic and lyrical poetry of the 8th-5th century B.C. with the use of ancient Greek and contemporary folk instruments (ancient kithara, folk woodwinds- zournas, ney, flogera- classical guitar, ethnic percussion).

CD ALBUM: Mass insanity  Political songs dealing with the dominant political, social, and ethical issues of our time. Diversity of styles (blending of Ethnic, Rock, Classical).

CD ALBUM: 12-string Guitar Works  Compositions for the 12-string classical guitar employing many Near Eastern compositional and performance techniques beside the Western ones.

CD ALBUM: Music and Religion Religious music from different cultures (extant ancient Greek religious songs, Byzantine chant, Gregorian chant, Quranic suras). 

English opera Oedipus Rex  Audio excerpt of this work is available online in mp3 format. Also available is the complete Greek text of Sophocles' tragedy "Oedipus the king" edited by IOANNIDIS.

CD ALBUM: AREN'T YOU FED UP? .Classical, Rock, Ethnic songs with political lyrical subjects.



Sound clips of all musical works by this composer are available at the IOANNIDIS mp3  page.


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