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N. Ioannidis  is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer (BA Music & Media Studies, MA Digital Media Studies, PhD  Musicology)


IOANNIDIS Nikolaos-Music album: Mass insanity

All songs in this album are written (music and lyrics) and arranged by IOANNIDIS

Performance of all instruments and vocals: IOANNIDIS

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A treatise on achieving success (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Ethnic, Rock
Arrangement: electric guitar, bass, vocals, drums, ethnic percussion (tumberleki)

Rhythm: Greek folk rhythm 9/8

Lyrical subject: the moral decadence of modern society

Keep paying, you moron! (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: classical rock.
Arrangement: electric guitar, vocals, violin, Cretan lyra, keyboard, drums, various percussion
Lyrical subject: the responsibility of the taxpayer in the perpetuation of nationalistic division of the world, and parasitism

Poor generation (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Ethnic, rock
Arrangement: electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard
Rhythm: Greek folk rhythm zembekiko
Lyrical subject: cultural decadence and the need for new ideals and new direction

When the thief accuses you of cheating (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: sui generis
Arrangement: fretless electric guitar, electric guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard, drums, bongo, tympani, various other percussion.
Lyrical subject: how citizens have become brain-washed to the point to accept paranoia

Kamikaze (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: sui generis
Arrangement: electric guitar, vocals, bass, drums, djembe, keyboard
Lyrical subject: the waste of life in the name of religions and ideologies

Domination theory (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Ethnic, rock
Arrangement: fretless electric guitar, vocals, bass, ethnic percussion (defi, tumberleki, darabuka)

Rhythm: Greek folk rhythm tsifteteli
Lyrical subject: the domination of the academic community by the perceptions of leftist cultural theorists

To be or not to be (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: classical rock ballad
Arrangement: electric guitar, vocals, bass, drums, Korean cymbal
Lyrical subject: philosophising on the meaning of life

Who can save you from yourself? (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: sui generis
Arrangement: vocals, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, bells

Lyrical subject: the need for liberation from ideological fixations that prevent society from adapting to its present environment

Mass insanity (LYRICS, MP3)

Genre: Classical
Arrangement: 12-string guitar, vocals, bass, drums, daires, percussion
Lyrical subject: the deep crisis society is undergoing and its ethics that lead humanity towards disaster and extinction.






Essays  on Music and Media



LYRICS (1) || LYRICS (2) Ancient Greek epic and lyrical poems

translated and set to music by Ioannidis Nikolaos



CD ALBUM: The Music of Ancient Greeks - Early Epic and Lyrical Poetry  An approach to the original singing of ancient Greek epic and lyrical poetry of the 8th-5th century B.C. with the use of 
  ancient Greek and contemporary folk instruments (ancient kithara, folk woodwinds- zournas, ney, flogera- classical guitar, ethnic percussion).

CD ALBUM: 12-string Guitar Works  Compositions for the 12-string classical guitar employing many Near Eastern compositional and performance techniques beside the Western ones.


CD ALBUM: Music and Religion Religious music from different cultures (extant ancient Greek religious songs, Byzantine chant, Gregorian chant, Quranic Suras) 


English opera Oedipus Rex  Audio excerpt of this work is available online in mp3 format. Also available is the complete Greek text of Sophocles' tragedy "Oedipus the king" edited by IOANNIDIS


CD ALBUM: BE A MASTER OF YOUR FATE!  Classical, jazz, ethnic songs with political lyrical subjects: the inadequacy of the present political system of governance, the moral and cultural decadence of modern society, the role of dominant value systems in environmental destruction, etc.


CD ALBUM: AREN'T YOU FED UP? . Classical, Rock, Ethnic songs with political lyrical subjects


Works under publication

ALBUM: Ancient Kithara Works

ALBUM: The most spoken word

ALBUM: Music and Philosophy

ALBUM: The Rock collection






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