CD album: Mass insanity (2002 Homo Ecumenicus)

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Performance: IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOS

Ioannidis N. is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer (with formal qualifications in Music, Musicology, Media Studies, and Digital Media Studies), who is researching ancient Greek music and its relationship with all musical cultures that have been subject to the classical Greek cultural influence.

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Genre: Sui generis


Arrangement: electric guitar, vocals, bass, drums, djembe, keyboard


Lyrical subject: the waste of life in the name of religions and ideologies




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Full of pain the road to heaven
An endless strive from beginning to the end
On the promise of a fast ride
To paranoia you hurried to escape

Why can't you see the paradise you're searching
Lies right here, right here on earth
Paradise is here and here lies hell
Cause you create heaven, and you create hell.

"Sacrifice your life!" said your mighty God
and you traded your existence for a bit of hope.

Why can't you see, if there's a thing divine
That's your existence, this wonder called life.
It's your existence, your being is divine
This God, to cherish, is your greatest duty
This God, to kill, is your greatest crime.

Hard the road to heaven
Hard the strive of life
Full of pain, yet yours the choice remains
To chose what kind of pain to embrace:
Will it be the pain of creation
Or the pain of despair
Will it be glory, the trace you'll leave behind
Or agony and blood?


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